What to give for school snacks

In most cases the school has the opportunity to eat in the dining room. That is, speaking about the foods that a child could bring to school, we mean snacks. What can you give? It must be good to the child ignored the mother’s concern, and useful. You can give nuts and dried fruits. This would be a great alternative to sweets. It and hearty, and gives your child energy for the brain and muscles, nourishes the body with nutrients, and at the same time not harmful for teeth and does not spoil the appetite. Moreover, dried fruits can prepare yourself with summer.

Traditional food for school snacks are sandwiches. It is recommended for sandwich use whole wheat bread. Not welcome boiled salami and sausages, as they quickly deteriorate. Do not also lay on a sandwich of smoked sausage. Butter and mayonnaise are also not those products that you can put on a sandwich for the child. The correct solution would be to put a slice of boiled or baked bacon or meat, for example, a thin slice of dry-cured ham. Good options are sandwiches with hard cheese, as it is well preserved, high in calories and is a source of calcium for the child’s body. Sandwiches be sure to give the child vegetables. These can be slices of cucumber, peppers, various greens. Offer a sandwich with lettuce, the taste can be added arugula. Children also respond well to carrots. It is better to choose juicy, sweet varieties. Carrot contains a lot of carotene (provitamin A), which is useful for vision and skin. Carrots can be peeled, cut into small pieces and put into for school Lunches.

Well in school to give fruit. Preferably dense, which keep their shape, such as apples or pears. Soft fruits (peaches, apricots) to give is not worth it, citrus fruits are also best avoided. Better to give several small fruit than a large one. For example, if you give a very large Apple, the child is unlikely to eat it for a change. Such features better account.

If you want to give the child to school cakes, it is desirable that it was the home of flour (buckwheat, corn, whole wheat) butter, not margarine. Store the cakes in margarine and fillers to give is not worth it high-calorie and contain harmful fats.

To ensure that the child has to eat what he was given, it is important comfortable and nice to pack food. Now in stores a wide range of watering Tupperware for children, in which several departments. These offices can be expanded to sandwiches, vegetables and fruits for snacking. Sandwiches can be wrapped in plastic wrap to make it easier to eat them. Also correct to put a napkin.

In addition to food, you should not forget about drinking at school. It could be a bottle of 0.33 or 0.5 liters with clean water. You can give juice, but not often, and preferably one of those fruits that grow in our climate zone: apples, pears, grapes. Juice should not contain sugar and preservatives. Due to the natural acid it will stimulate the appetite.

What products do not need to give the child

If you care about healthy food your child, it is not necessary to give a school a “fast” food: store-bought burgers, chocolate bars, sweets, chips, crackers. Should also be careful with dairy products. If you still want to give the child cottage cheese or yogurt, you need to be sure that it fast enough to eat them, and will not be carried in a backpack throughout the day, and the product is sour. It is also important that the packaging was solid, and the same yogurt not got crushed and leaked school backpack.

Children who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it may be advisable to go in front of the school to the doctor-gastroenterologist. Perhaps the doctor deems it necessary to recommend a diet table even in child care. In this case, with the opinion of the doctor the parents go to school, and in the end, the child in the dining room gets special food. For example, dysfunction of the gallbladder recommended Diet number 5, so if on the table give fried chicken or fish, then diet №5 the child will offer them baked or boiled.

Don’t forget about Breakfast before school

Even properly collected in a school food does not completely solve the power problem of the student. It is important that the child before school Breakfast. Often the children Wake up, do not want to eat. In this case, is to get up half an hour early to have a child before school was the time to Wake up and Breakfast. To work up an appetite, you can give the child to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach. Also helpful for appetite make a small charge for 3-4 minutes. A few circular movements of the forearms, hands, back and forth, a few sit-UPS contribute to the awakening of the body and contribute to the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. And we can expect that even the “maloezhka” ask for Breakfast at home. In contrast to the school snack, Breakfast should be warm. It can be dairy or non-dairy porridge, scrambled eggs, pudding, tea.

What kind of food do give to school in different countries

Germany. Traditionally here give to school sandwiches of brown bread with cheese, sausage or fish, pieces of fruit or dried fruit, biscuits. Also give a bottle of water or drink.

Australia. Traditional content watering Tupperware – sandwiches, fruit, dessert; children take a bottle of water.

Canada. As the Lunches at school are expensive, parents often collect child a thermos of hot dish and fresh vegetables. As snacks are fruit, yogurt and granola bar of granola.

Israel. Mostly parents give their children to school sandwiches with different fillings.

France. Usually in schools the children are fed well. But lunch break is enough time to ensure that parents could take children to feed at home.