In many foreign universities there is a tradition to invite to the graduation of well-known people who are supposed to guide and inspire graduates. And very often famous people tell the graduates about their failures — maybe because of the failures of yesterday’s students fear the most. J. K. Rowling, Steve jobs and Steven Spielberg explain why you shouldn’t be afraid.

JK Rowling, writer

This year 51-year-old Rowling topped the top 25 most influential authors of Hollywood magazine The Hollywood Reporter. Twenty years ago, before in 1997 the publishing house Bloomsbury, published the first book about Harry Potter, she was an unknown single parent, living on welfare and occasional work.

“Seven years after my graduation, I by any measure, suffered the most terrible failure. My marriage fell apart, I was left alone with the child, without work and money. I’m not going to convince you that failure is fun. That period of my life was the black stripe, and I could not imagine that it would be a fairy tale with a happy ending, as now written in the Newspapers. But failure has freed me — my greatest fear has been realized, while I was alive, I was the beloved daughter, an old typewriter and a lot of ideas. If I was a success in something else, I probably never would have the courage to do what you truly love.

To avoid failures it is impossible, unless you live so cautiously, that it is generally difficult to call the life. However, in this case, you fail by definition”.

Steven Spielberg, film Director

One of the most successful Directors in history, received a diploma of higher education only in 2002, when he was already 55 years old. In his youth he twice tried to enroll at a California film school, but it is not accepted as “incompetent”. Then he enrolled in the technical College, who soon left to accept the “dream job” at Universal Studios. Five years later came Thriller “Jaws,” which made Spielberg famous.

“I left College because I knew exactly what I wanted, as some of you. Maybe you’re sitting now and trying to figure out how to tell your parents that you really want to become a doctor, not a Comedy writer. I told my parents that if movie does not work out, I will return to the University. But all perfectly formed.

The first 25 years of our lives we are taught to listen to other people’s voices. Parents and teachers fill our heads wise things and information, and then their places are taken by the chiefs, who say how really this world. And even when we think: “I look at the world differently” — still easier to just agree and nod.

Movies I filmed until the 1980s, was mostly far from reality. I felt like I was in a bubble, because I lacked education, my perception of the world were reduced to only what I could come up with in my head, not experience. But then I rented “the color purple”. This story was filled with deep pain and deep truth, for example, at the time when the Step Avery says: “All the world wants to be loved”. In making the film, I realized that cinema could be a mission. I hope that each of you will experience this feeling”.

Steve jobs, entrepreneur

In 1976, the 20-year-old Steve jobs together with Steve Wozniak founded Apple in parents ‘ garage. For 10 years the company has developed into a company worth two billion dollars, which was more than six thousand people. Among them was a marketing expert John sculley, who headed Apple at the invitation of the jobs. Over time, their perspectives diverged, the Board of Directors supported sculley and Steve jobs had to leave Apple.

“In 30 years I noise fired from the company that I founded. Everything I have devoted my adult life was gone, I felt devastated. Then I realized that the dismissal of Apple is the best thing that could have happened to me. The burden of success gave way to ease again, I became a novice. With this feeling began one of the most creative periods of my life. In the next five years, I founded NeXT and Pixar and fell in love with a wonderful woman who became my wife. I’m sure none of this would have happened if I hadn’t been fired from Apple. The medication was horrible to the taste, but I guess the patient needed it.

I am convinced that did not give up and continued to go forward only because they loved their job. If you haven’t found what you love — keep looking”.

Jim Carrey, actor

Jim Carrey first appeared on the scene with a Comedy number in 15 years — his debut was a failure. The movie “Once bitten” (1985), in which 23-year-old Kerry after many failed auditions received his first starring role in a movie was also cool perceived by the public. And only 31 years old, and it came to fame after the low-budget film “ACE Ventura: pet detective”, the script for which, as the image of Ventura, Jim invented himself. In the film Carrey was nominated for a “Razzie” award for worst acting job, but in the audience the film was a great success, and ACE Ventura became one of the most famous comic characters. The following films Carrey — “the Mask,” “Dumb and dumber”, “the Truman Show” — have become classics of cinema.

“So many people choose the path of fear, calling it “practical.” My father wanted to be a comedian, and he had all the chances. But he did not believe that it is possible and preferred to have a quiet warm place, becoming an accountant. When I was 12 years old, he was fired, and our family had a hard time. In his example, I realized that failure is possible and in unloved business — so why not try your luck is what you really want. It might seem impossible or ridiculous, and we don’t even try to ask the Universe about it. I say to you, I am living proof that you can ask anything you want”.

Oprah Winfrey, TV host

Oprah Winfrey received an education thanks to his talent: to win the competition on oratory gave her the opportunity to go to University. In an interview, she repeatedly talked about his troubled childhood and ran away from home. And yet she was the first black female reporter in the city, and then the first black woman billionaire in history. “The Oprah Winfrey show” is rightly called one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

“During my career I have conducted more than 35,000 interviews. Every time the camera was turned off, the guest of the program turned to me and asked, “is everything All right?”. I heard it from President Bush and from President Obama. I heard it from heroes and Housewives.

No matter what heights you reach. At some point you will stumble, because the bar is continually being raised. If you are constantly striving higher and higher, as predicted by the myth of Icarus, at some point you will start to fall down. And when that happens, I want you to know and remember: failure does not exist. Failure is the method by which life tries to convince you to change direction.

I had to say those words to myself. When you fail at the bottom, this is normal — for some time to feel bad. Give yourself that time to mourn what you think you may have lost. And then realize that actually hold in your hands the key, because mistakes teach you and make to a greater extent to be who you are.”

Whoopi Goldberg, actress

Caryn Elaine Johnson, ugly girl from a poor family, had to leave school due to dyslexia: she had problems with writing and reading. But dyslexia does not interfere in children’s theatre Ellen Rubenstein and unusual appearance and eccentric behavior, because of which caryn was difficult to communicate with their peers, came just to the place. In addition, the theatre was free. There caryn received his first acting lessons, and later took the nickname Whoopi Goldberg, and became a great actress who was the winner of the most prestigious American and honored with star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

“I was lucky — I had a really unusual mom. She told me: “It’s okay that you’re weird. But you prepared that not everyone will be ready to accept you, not everyone will see and feel the same as you? Someone you don’t like it. You will be able to be yourself?”.

When I was little, I dreamed about the world of film, television, fashion. I couldn’t read because I suffer dyslexia, and I started to learn only 15, but I knew what I wanted. You need to be able to stand up for what you believe. Not only need to be afraid of being incorrect or wrong. If you feel the heart that are moving in the wrong direction, you can stop and say: “you Know what? I changed my mind””.

Ellen DeGeneres, comedienne and TV presenter

Speech Ellen DeGeneres that she spoke at Tulane University in New Orleans in 2009, is not quite normal. At the ceremony of awarding diplomas to the official we spoke to George Bush and bill Clinton, and Ellen decided to speak to the students spontaneously. New Orleans was the hometown of the actress, and the graduation rate consisted of students who started school just two days before the worst hurricane Katrina, which in 2005 caused terrible destruction.

“When I finished school, I was completely lost. I had no ambitions and I didn’t know what I want. I did everything: cleaned the oysters, worked as a bartender, a waitress, I painted houses, I sold vacuum cleaners. All I want is to settle on a job to earn enough money to pay the rent. I lived in an apartment in the basement, where I had no heat, no air, only a mattress on the floor and fleas. I thought I know who I am, but I had no idea.

One day I sat down and started writing, I got an imaginary conversation with God. I looked at him and said, “Why have I never tried to make stand up? I’m going to do it on the Tonight Show with johnny Carson”. At that time he was king, and I was going to become the first woman in the history of the show, who will perform with him in the air. And so it happened.

Follow your dreams, stay true to themselves. Never follow someone only if you are lost in the woods. And even if you are lost, but I see the path you should follow it. Don’t take others ‘ advice. And my only advice is this: be true to yourself and everything will be all right.”