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How to teach your baby math. Glenn and Janet Doman

Institute achievement of potential human working with mothers and their children over the past 40 years. Specialists of the research center spent a lot of time working with children with damage to the brain cells. A thorough study of the problem revealed that the children with disabilities went to school, talked and behaved like a committed, healthy, and sometimes even had a level of intelligence close to genius. Why healthy children, ceteris paribus not show better results than those of their peers, who surgically removed part of the brain cells? What’s wrong with them?

The problem is the level of development of the Central nervous system. A child with brain damage, normal healthy child and a genius — is not three different types of children, and it is the same kids with varying degrees of development and organization of the Central nervous system. When a child learns to read, the level of development increases, and the more information a child gets, the faster it increases its level of intelligence. The brain is like a muscle that improves their quality as training.

Some parents teach children through mobile apps, such as Prodigy Math Game. They help children in game form very quickly understand the basic principles of mathematics. But what to do when faced with real problems?

The book “How to teach your baby to read” was published in may 1964, and caused a furor among parents. It was translated into fifteen languages and issued a circulation of more than five million copies. The book contains a system of teaching a child to read from the cradle. If this kid can learn to read, it is possible to teach him math?

The book “How to teach your baby math” offers an effective training system in which any child can easily reckon complicated examples — to the delight of myself and my parents. The contents of the book provided by the project start reading.

1. Why would a little child math?

Mothers and their children are a perfect team, which is configured to receive a result. A small child can learn several languages, play the violin, solve complex equations in mind, to be physically fit. Teaching the child anything, my mom not only increases the level of his intellect but also forms a strong relationship, filled with love and respect.

Mathematics is a subject complex, but a child’s brain is able to understand it much easier and faster than we, adults, think. The sooner you begin the learning process, the easier and easier to digest information. What is the secret?

Unlike adults, children are easier to remember facts rather than symbols denoting them. For example, the symbol for the number “six” is “6” and the fact is the actual number of items — six butterflies. Or Nota “to” depicted in the music book is a symbol, but a fact — this is the sound that the note produces. Characters child nothing to say. He needed the bare facts. If adults easily understand mathematical symbols, numbers from 1 to 1,000,000, the actual amount of items, say more than twenty, the move is difficult to determine. Children can work with a high degree of confidence to learn how the number of items and the corresponding symbol, if you teach them at an early age.

1.1. The child WANTS to learn math

Children by nature are curious and at an early age absorb huge amounts of information. Adults mistakenly believe that curiosity is the lack of concentration. During the first six years the child learns, perhaps more than the rest of his life. He learns a new language (any language in which the child begins to speak), and, most likely, after six years he will not succeed so completely in any other foreign language.

Unfortunately, many adults unconsciously limit the freedom of learning. This can be avoided by encouraging the child’s ability and desire to learn. Children learn through all of their basic senses, without exception, they see, hear, feel, taste smell and taste. They follow instincts. Adults limit their actions, trying to protect, and thereby deprived of the opportunity to learn.

We buy them toys that can not be broken, for example, bright rattle. The child spends exactly 90 seconds on learning, and then loses interest. His attention goes to the box rattles, which is not less interesting. Unlike toys, the box can be broken and thereby to understand how it works.

The bitter truth is that adults invent these toys for yourself to get rid of the child, even temporarily. The children in turn never create toys, they develop tools — a wooden stick, for example, easily becomes a hammer, and shell — plate.

We buy a baby playpen for the game. We believe we are protecting it. However, we protect ourselves from having to constantly keep abreast of and responsibility for the safety of the child. We do not give the child to crawl, to touch different objects, breaking them, limiting the learning process. And this at a time when the desire to learn from the child to the maximum level!

The child perceives school as a game, the most fun in life, until then, until there comes a realization that is hard and unpleasant work. To some children this awareness does not happen. We call them geniuses.

The basic rules of training:

1. The learning process begins at birth.
2. All children have an innate passion for learning.
3. Children prefer school food.
4. Children prefer to study the game.
5. Children feel their work is the process of growing up.
6. Children want to grow up right this second.
7. Children believe that learning is a necessary survival skill.
8. And in this they are definitely right.
9. Children want to learn everything about everything right now.
10. Mathematics is a worthwhile subject for knowledge.

1.2. A child CAN learn mathematics

All children are geniuses in linguistics. In their first months they learn a new “foreign” language. And it’s not that we teach children first words. The child himself remembers them all just listening to our conversations. It is no secret that in a family where mom and dad speak two languages the child can speak two words, and it is not something supernatural.

Speech and language function of the brain. To understand the facts behind mathematical symbols is also a built-in feature of the brain.

The child learns information at lightning speed if he is to provide clear, unambiguous facts. Unfortunately, adults tend to share concepts of concrete and abstract. Specific easy to understand, abstract and harder. To explain the abstract concepts, we often give the truth our own opinions about this concept, rather than a bare fact. This is a big mistake. Give your child the facts, and he will understand the logic of their interaction.

A good example of this topic has wonderful children’s writer Korney Chukovsky in the book “From two to five”.

The whole family was waiting for the postman. He appeared at the gate. Cooking first noticed it.

The girl learned well the rule of formation of names of professions such as milkman, butcher, etc., and coped well with the use of it in practice. She didn’t know about exceptions to the rule.

1.3. The child SHOULD learn math

There are two extremely important reasons why young children need to learn math:

  1. Man is the only living being on earth that can solve mathematical problems, and this is one of the few things he encounters daily.
  2. The sooner the child will understand the essence of mathematical examples, the faster will increase his General level of intelligence.
  3. Our brain is an amazing thing. As well as the muscles in our body, it becomes better if it more often to train. The brain contains as much information as we give him. Even so, the brain is able to store as much information as we will not be able to give him in his entire life.

Distinguishes man from the animal a number of abilities that the brain is responsible:

  • to walk on two legs;
  • orally and in writing to Express their thoughts;
  • to read;
  • listen and understand the language, which was created by the same person;
  • to tactilely distinguish objects.

The more we improve one of these abilities, the more improved and all the rest. The more we think, the more we increase the level of his intellect. Math is a great way to get people to think.

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