Each time thinking over whether to give the child to sports section, parents face not the easy choice. On the one hand, it can be very hard to stop him in the assimilation of the educational process, and, on the other hand, it may even help him. So what to choose? What to prefer?

For centuries, the sport and education intersect in friendly relations. Many classes in Ancient Greece took place outdoors, and the best time, when would guys learn the material during the exercise. The ancient philosophers believed that when the body tenses, stiffens, and brain, and, therefore, it works significantly better. Is it true?

Only partly. In recent years it has become a myth that scientists had a hundred times to refute. On the contrary, during training, particularly affecting all the muscles, the brain tries to free itself from unnecessary information, focusing on how in order to relax the affected muscles. This study took a very long time, so I made a considerable furore among parents.

Many of them suddenly don’t want to send their children to sports clubs, believing that this “relaxation” of the brain in the end will have an impact on their learning: instead of learning, the child will think about how much he’s hurt his shoulder after yesterday’s workout. But is this the correct point of view?

Of course not. Sport, though, and causes the brain to revokeservice for some time, but it most often applies only to training. That is, once a person leaves the gym, he usually is ready for training activities. He has almost no thoughts in my head, if he fully gave himself.

Also sports brings to a child’s life a lot of good qualities. It is worth noting that the young athlete, in contrast to other, more disciplined, so managed to learn how to execute commands. So, as a rule, it is more social, is not afraid of the public, as has already visited at least once in the competition.

Children in team sports, such as soccer or volleyball, a more developed sense of team. That is, no matter what the project with whom it was supplied, he will be able to dispose of roles to get the job done efficiently. Develop strategic skills.

In short, if you still have doubts whether to give the child to sports section, there is no doubt. The sport helps him to overcome social barriers, with a lot of useful skills and qualities.