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Standardized Test Battle Plan

There’s your kid, running flat-out down the basketball court, dribbling the ball like a pro. She’s gotten the rebound and is headed back to lay it up for a quick two. She’s up, and the ball effortlessly leaves her hands, pegs the center of the backboard and swishes perfectly into the hoop. As she hustles back to the other side of the court, she grins in your direction, and the mom sitting to your left tells you that your daughter is a natural. You smile, because you know the truth: She’s not. You’ve just taught her how to play the game.

Standardized Tests: A Primer

Much to their vexation, kids across the U.S. take a range of standardized tests throughout the year. In any given term, an elementary student will sit through at least one series of state or national standardized tests; in many grades, students will be tested twice or even three times a year. Does your kid know which standardized test is coming up? How well prepared is she to answer those multiple-choice items?

Switching Schools

A change of schools is a major plot twist in any child’s life, as countless kids’ movies that tell the tale of the new kid (think: The Karate Kid or Twilight) will attest. It can be exhilarating, excruciating or both. Parents, of course, would like to see their children experience a Hollywood happy ending. But the question of how to make that happen — particularly when a child moves midyear — is a complicated one.

The 7 most motivational graduation speeches

In many foreign universities there is a tradition to invite to the graduation of well-known people who are supposed to guide and inspire graduates. And very often famous people tell the graduates about their failures — maybe because of the failures of yesterday’s students fear the most. J. K. Rowling, Steve jobs and Steven Spielberg explain why you shouldn’t be afraid.